Friday, January 7, 2011

Awesome review!!!

Check out this awesome review from The Independent Critic. I am beyond thrilled with what they had to say, here are some of the highlights, but make sure you read the full review by clicking on the link above:

"...with its entertaining blend of humorous camp, touches of horror and enough originality to keep you wishing that you had a heck of a lot longer than the film's 21-minute run time."

"Unit 30 is a delightful blend of campy horror, character-driven hijinks and tongue-in-cheek thrills that will keep you laughing courtesy of rock solid performances from Hough and McCurdy along with supporting players Eric Pirooz..... and Jaclyn Carmichael"

"Unit 30 benefits from a spirited original score by Phillip McCollum that nicely companions Hough's dialogue."

"The entire cast seems to be having a good time here, an energy that plays nicely as our scenario goes from seemingly normal to anything but normal."

"Despite being a low-budget indie, tech credits are solid throughout the film."

Unit 30 screening on The Reel Show

We are happy to announce that Unit 30 is going to screen on the premiere episode of The Reel Show! How cool is that?

The show takes place Saturday January 8th an 2pm EASTERN TIME. I'll be in the chat room answering questions, so make sure to tune in a ask me something I don't know how to answer :-)

Click here to see the show's schedule and watch it

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Unit 30 was accepted to the Hollywood Asylum 13

Good news everyone! Unit 30 was accepted to the Hollywood Asylum 13 Film Festival! More info coming soon

New Unit 30 DVD cover

The Unit 30 DVD cover was update to include awards, festival acceptances and quotes from reviews. We think it looks swell

Monday, November 8, 2010

Interview at the Terror Film Festival

I was lucky enough to be interviewed at the Terror Film Festival by filmmaker Nate Rulf. I was asked about Unit 30, what my favorite horror film was and why, etc....I had no idea I was such an animated talker!

Unit 30 in promo video for the Media Film Festival

Wow, that was quite the subject wasn't it? I feel like I have nothing else to add except the video itself

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Unit 30 won a Claw award at the Terror Film Festival!!!

I just got back from the wonderful city of Philadelphia a few days ago after having attended the Terror Film Festival (run on sentences are fun!). As always, the amazing people of TFF put on another great festival. Unit 30 screened Friday night to a reception of 40 or so people, lots of laughs, great questions during the Q&A, etc....The awards ceremony was Saturday night and Unit 30 took home the coveted award for "Best Thriller for a Short Film"! Pictures of the award coming soon (it's being made). Below are some pictures from the festival. (all photos provided by Hamilton Photography)

Ethical Society building in Rittenhouse Square, where the festival took place

Schedule for the Unit 30 screening

Screening room

Looking at the schedule on the back of the pass

Writer Baron Craze

A list of some of the winners from the Terror Film Festival

Me winning the award for "Best Thriller of a Short Film". Can you tell I was happily surprised to win?